Tera 0.11 is released

The work on this version started in September 2017 so I'm pretty happy to finally have this published.

The changelog is pretty thorough but the main highlights are:

  • whitespace handling
  • default arguments for macros
  • tests, global functions calls and macro calls are now expressions and can be combined like so: if x is divisibleby(2) and x > 10

Quite a few of the changelog items were written by contributors and I hope this trend continues: thanks to @upsuper, @Alex-PK, @jturner314, @hoggetaylor and @alex for that.

What's next🔗

I am satisfied with the current feature set of Tera and am not planning to do significant changes to the template language itself, which brings us to a 1.0!

I expect most of the changes until then to happen to the Rust side:

  • ergonomics improvement: I'm pretty happy with it so would welcome other viewpoints
  • template rendering performance improvement (reducing the number clone(), etc)
  • look into the benefits of failure and whether it's worth moving from error-chain (no at a first glance)
  • try to get something like streamable templates in or wait if it would be nicer when generators are stable
  • look into https://github.com/Keats/tera/issues/219

If you think you can help with any of the points above, please leave a comment on the associated issue or create a new one.